HAMRC exists to deliver breakthrough treatments and cures for many of the major diseases that impact humanity by facilitating innovative biomedical research collaborations between the Hadassah Medical Organisation in Jerusalem and medical research institutions in Australia.

Vision, mission, purpose

The HAMRC Foundation links the brightest researchers at Hadassah Hospital in Israel with their colleagues in Australia in order to solve the most pressing health issues facing the world.



Current research

Our research focus for philanthropic funding covers vitally important projects that have the potential to create effective treatments and discover cures.


Author: Lee Robinson

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Latest news

  • Hadassah Develops its own CAR T Therapy to Treat Multiple Myeloma

    “Many of the hospital staff treating me used to be my patients. Now my life is in their hands,” relates Hadassah Medical Organization social worker Tali Rosen. Since Rosen’s job as a Hadassah social worker was a challenging one, she waved away the initial tiredness and aching bones she experienced. When repeated infections became more than a nuisance, she had herself tested. Rosen was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, cancer within the spongy bone marrow. Read more


    We are pleased to share with you Hadassah International’s second Annual Report/Year In Review, available in digital format, entitled “Hadassah International – Together We Live”. Read more

  • From Hidden Child During the Holocaust to Hadassah Surgeon

    Dr Shaul Perlberg, age 80, is still practising urology at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus, as he has for many years. But it wasn’t until 16 years ago that he decided to reveal the incredible story of his childhood, the reunion with his mother after the Holocaust, their move to Israel, and the way he met the love of his life, Raya. Read more