The HAMRC Foundation is a bold new initiative – a multi-centred collaborative research model that brings together the brightest minds from Israel’s Hadassah Hospital and leading research institutions in Australia and internationally to solve some of the most intractable health problems facing the world today.

Not only is Hadassah Hospital a pioneer in medical research, but it has received more patents than all other hospital-based research institutes in Israel combined.

HAMRC is the medical research arm of Hadassah Australia and a separate health promotion charity endorsed by the Australian Government.

HAMRC will turbo charge medical discovery in three important ways:

  1. Stimulate new ideas and approaches by advancing and promoting cross-fertilisation of medical knowledge and expertise;
  2. Create greater efficiency and capacity through the sharing of data, technology, equipment and laboratory resources; 
  3. Bring potential life-saving treatments to market quicker by fast-tracking the clinical trial process using Israel’s unique clinical trial ecosystem.