Researchers are making important progress in the fight against life threatening diseases, but, it's not fast enough, it's not dramatic enough and it's not good enough. There's a reason for that: Medical research is just not funded enough.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is the leading Australian government investor in health and medical research. The rapid growth in grant application numbers and the rising costs of research means that success rates for NHMRC grant applications has fallen to record lows. In 2018 less than one in five applications were successful, leaving potential breakthroughs, unexplored and lives needlessly wasted.

The $20 million Australia-Israel Medical Breakthrough Fund campaign will create a source of funding for medical research collaboration.

The Australia-Israel Medical Breakthrough Fund will help us prioritise strategic and innovative projects peer reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee based on outstanding merit and research quality.

Projects can include and are not limited to areas in: Neurology and Mental Health; Immunology and infection; Cancer; Child Health; Cardiovascular disease; and Ageing.

Such gifts may be donated during your lifetime, but you may also nominate the Australia-Israel Medical Breakthrough Fund as beneficiary of your Estate or superannuation plan.

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