Our project facilitators help to advocate projects for philanthropic investments in addition to the in-house development and philanthropy team members at HAMRC and Hadassah Australia.

Dug Pomeroy - Chair

Dug Pomeroy is the founder and Executive Chairman of Pomeroy Pacific Pty Ltd. Founded in 1971, the Pomeroy Group of Companies has an extensive background in Development Services, Project Management, Construction Management and Property Investment.

Dr Phillip Brenner

Dr Phillip Brenner was previously head of St Vincents urology unit in Sydney, New South Wales. A practicing urological surgeon for well over 20 years, Dr. Brenner specialized in treating patients with urological cancers, with a particular emphasis on treating cancer of the prostate as well as cancer of the kidneys.

Alan Liddle

Alan Liddle has over 30 years' experience in developing and commercialising medical and biological therapeutics and over 30 years’ research & executive management experience in the medical and the biotechnology research sector encompassing immunology and bio-therapeutics for cancer and auto-immune diseases, cardiology, neuroplasticity, the microbiome, regenerative medicine & rehabilitation.

Lawrence Jackson

Lawrence Jackson is an experienced philanthropy, fundraising & corporate social responsibility consultant and interim executive specialising in strategic planning, fundraising capacity development, philanthropy campaign design and management, planned giving activities and central fundraising team management.