Directing a Gift in your Will to medical research is a powerful way to protect future generations and continue your legacy beyond your lifetime. It is a meaningful and lasting statement of your life, passion and values.

In appreciation of your generosity and vision, once we have received written confirmation that you will be directing a Gift in your Will to HARMC, you will be recognised as a Research Guardian for the duration of your lifetime. With your permission, you will be acknowledged on our website and in our annual reports. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you can be assured that your privacy will be respected.

Planning your Gift

In planning your Gift, please remember that, as a charity, HARMC is exempt from Capital Gains Tax which means that we can fully realise the value of any shares or properties we receive from your Estate. This is perhaps the most powerful way to celebrate your legacy in medical research beyond your lifetime.

For further information or to discuss your plans in confidence, speak to one of our Development Directors.