There is virtually no area of medical research to which Israel has not made significant contributions - cardiology, genetics, neurology and ophthalmology are but a few that have benefited.

Home to one of the world’s most skilled and educated work forces, Israel has more doctors and scientists per capita than any other nation. Israel also serves as a unique ‘clinic’ for the testing of disease mutations and genetic disorders – many of which are over-represented in Israel’s ethnic communities. Its national electronic health record (EHR) system also enables rapid patient recruitment and follow up, in a clinical trial context.

At the pinnacle of medical care and research in Israel sits Hadassah. It generates nearly 60% of the nation’s hospital-based research and operates in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Hadassah Hospital

In most health systems around the world, research is separated from the delivery of health care. But Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem is different.

This world-class university-based teaching institution has a global reputation for research and healthcare excellence. It’s innovative approach to complex medical problems is a part of the hospital’s culture.

For most of its 100-year history, Hadassah has encouraged its physicians and scientists to undertake clinical research projects in order to discover new ways to treat human illness. Research at Hadassah touches every field and area of medicine, be it basic, clinical or applied research. Every department, unit, Centre of Excellence and clinical institute at Hadassah includes a research arm with state-of-the-art laboratories, bringing together leading scientists and physicians, to create paradigm-changing approaches to clinical care.

With the 2019 opening of the Wohl Institute for Translational Medicine, Hadassah Hospital is now the most advanced facilities for translational research in the word. The Institute amplifies discovery and application to medical and technological innovation by providing Hadassah researchers with next-generation facilities and technologies – creating a complete loop between bench and bedside.

DG Zeev Rotstein, Wohl Legacy Trustees Dr. David Latchman and Ella Latchman, sister of the late Maurice Wohl, at the inauguration in October 2019