Rates of diagnosis for major life-threatening diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and dementia are on the rise across the globe. We need to create a paradigm shift and advance medical science if we are to turn this trend around for our children and for generations to come.

Collaboration between researchers who offer different and complementary perspectives, knowledge, experience, and skills is one of the most effective ways to accelerate the pace of discovery and save lives – especially at a global level.

That’s because today’s problems are so complex, and medical research so specialised, that it’s become increasingly necessary to bring together experts from multiple fields in order to have a transformative impact on existing and and newly emerging diseases.

Collaborative Approach

The intense competition amongst medical researchers for limited project funds not only encourages overly ‘safe-to-do’ research, it can also create an environment in which researchers are loath to share innovative ideas.

Instead of competition, HAMRC believes that collaboration and openness best fuel breakthrough science. Rather than pitting scientists against each other, HAMRC facilitates and funds synergistic, cross-border, multi centred research studies.

Research collaborations between Hadassah Israel and Australian researchers can quicken the pace of discovery and address the gaps in domestic and international healthcare by:

  • Stimulating new ideas and approaches to research by advancing and promoting cross-fertilisation of medical knowledge and expertise;
  • Creating enhanced efficiency and capacity through the sharing of data, technology, equipment and laboratory resources;
  • Decreasing the time needed for clinical trials by enabling the recruitment of a larger number of trial subjects through leveraging Israel’s unique clinical trial ecosystem.

We invite you to partner with HAMRC to support impactful, collaborative research aimed at curing the most intractable diseases.