Year In Review 2020

In a year of anxiety and stress globally and in our own community, 2020 was a year in which Hadassah Australia reaffirmed its commitment to support the Hadassah Medical Organization in its vision to shape the future of Jerusalem, Israel and the global community. Read more

Current research

Our research focus for philanthropic funding covers vitally important projects that have the potential to create effective treatments and discover cures. Read more

Australia-Israel Breakthrough Fund

The Australia-Israel Medical Breakthrough Fund will help us prioritise strategic and innovative projects peer reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee based on outstanding merit and research quality. Read more

Past Research Collaborations

Case studies of past research collaborations demonstrate the strong link with Hadassah Medical Center in Israel and the high impact of the partnerships. Read more

Discovering the Gene that Helps Avoid Heart Defects

The number of children born with serious heart defects is in decline in the US, Europe, and even in most of Israel. In Jerusalem, however, this is not the case. Read more

Hadassah's Pioneering Research in Chronic Kidney Disease

Meet Dr. Oded Volovelsky, head of the kidney developmental lab at Hadassah. Dr. Volovelsky treats kidney diseases in children and searches for their cure. Read more

Ruth Ramone Rosen

Ruth Ramone Rosen has spent many years working in the Education sector in Australia and in Israel. Read more

Gifts in Wills

Directing a Gift in your Will to medical research is a powerful way to protect future generations and continue your legacy beyond your lifetime. It is a meaningful and lasting statement of your life, passion and values. Read more

Research partnerships

In Hadassah Australia's journey to expand research partnerships, we have collaborated with leading Australian health organisations. Read more

Partnering with Israel

With every dollar invested in medical research, Australia gains a $3.90 return to the economy. Many countries competing with Australia have increased their investment. Israel currently has the highest spend globally at 4.25 per cent – thus is a powerful partner for research and development. There are other synergies between our countries including a well-known history of collaboration leading to successful outcomes, medically and commercially. Read more

Need for collaborative research

Diseases can evolve rapidly with new ones discovered over time. Greater effort is required to advance medical knowledge about how they develop, so this knowledge can be translated into new approaches for diagnosis and treatment that saves lives. Read more


Ruth R Rosen – Executive Director Rosemary Carrick – Development Director-NSW Eric Cheng – Development Director-Victoria Read more