Stable Glucose Levels Prolong Life for Diabetics, Hadassah Study Finds

A Hadassah Medical Organization study reveals that adults with diabetes whose glucose levels fluctuate over the course of five years have an increased risk of mortality compared with those whose levels remain stable. Read more

Hadassah Develops its own CAR T Therapy to Treat Multiple Myeloma

“Many of the hospital staff treating me used to be my patients. Now my life is in their hands,” relates Hadassah Medical Organization social worker Tali Rosen. Since Rosen’s job as a Hadassah social worker was a challenging one, she waved away the initial tiredness and aching bones she experienced. When repeated infections became more than a nuisance, she had herself tested. Rosen was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, cancer within the spongy bone marrow. Read more


We are pleased to share with you Hadassah International’s second Annual Report/Year In Review, available in digital format, entitled “Hadassah International – Together We Live”. Read more

From Hidden Child During the Holocaust to Hadassah Surgeon

Dr Shaul Perlberg, age 80, is still practising urology at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus, as he has for many years. But it wasn’t until 16 years ago that he decided to reveal the incredible story of his childhood, the reunion with his mother after the Holocaust, their move to Israel, and the way he met the love of his life, Raya. Read more

Hadassah Study Finds Covid-19 Vaccine Doesn’t Affect Fertility

A Hadassah Medical Organization study reveals that neither the COVID-19 vaccine nor COVID-19 itself has any detrimental effects on female fertility. Read more

Israeli researchers make breakthrough discovery to combat obesity

Researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The Weizmann Institute of Science have collaborated with their British counterparts at Queen Mary University of London to make a breakthrough discovery in combating obesity. Read more

Sobering COVID-19 statistics from Hadassah Hospital

As the number of COVID-19 cases has decreased, Hadassah has been able to close half of those Outbreak Units and one ICU. Read more

Hadassah and MyBiotics join forces to improve cancer immunotherapy

Hadassah's technology transfer company has entered into a collaboration and licensing agreement for the identification of microbiome-based therapies to enhance the success of immunotherapy for melanoma patients. Read more

From the summit of Hadassah Hospital Mt Scopus: Dr Tamar Elram

Dr. Tamar Elram couldn’t have predicted the task she faced during the past year: In the midst of a global pandemic, she was charged with ensuring that Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus would remain free of COVID-19. Three lockdowns later. Here’s how she rose up to overcome some of the toughest challenges. Read more

Hadassah International and 15 Latin American ambassadors to Israel create health forum

In a historic development for Hadassah International, 15 Latin American (LATAM) Ambassadors in Israel held the first meeting of the recently created Hadassah Health LATAM Ambassadors Forum. Read more

Hadassah cardiologist develops app that detects heart failure

Prof Chaim Lotan, a cardiology expert at Hadassah, has developed a unique smartphone app that can diagnose heart failur by evaluating subtle changes in voice quality, which indicate the buildup of fluid in the lungs. Read more

Invention aims to help comatose brain-injured patients

Israel’s BrainWatch Tech is working on prototype of device that will automatically measure and record pupillary reactions to light in patients with severe brain injury Read more

AI, IT and nanotechnology: Today’s healing odyssey

Catch up on this webinar by Hadassah International on what the rapid advancements in IT means for the future of medicine and treatment. Read more

Heartfelt change, thanks to female-focused center at Hadassah

The Pollin Center is a female-focused research center that examines the distinctive ways women experience heart disease and the factors that put them at risk. Read more

Enlivex reports top-line results for Allocetra™ in treating Covid-19

Enlivex has reported positive top-line results from phase ii clinical trial evaluating Allocetra in severe and critical Covid-19 patients and provides a program update Read more

What are organoids? Welcome to a revolution in basic medical science

Basic science research is experiencing a revolution with the creation of organoids, 3D miniature cellular, and functional replicas of our bodily organs. Read more

Hadassah collaborates to develop a face mask that kills the coronavirus

The mask, which has antiviral and antibacterial properties, contains a disinfectant that has proven 99.99% effective in killing the virus. Read more

First in Israel: Hadassah corrects irregular heartbeat with new method

An innovative procedure to treat irregular heartbeats is enabling surgeons to access areas of the heart that, up until now, have been impossible to reach. Read more

Hadassah and Neurogenesis announce groundbreaking results from phase 2 MS Study

A Phase 2 study at Hadassah Hospital has revealed significant clinical improvements in patients with progressive multiple sclerosis. Read more

Hadassah to conduct clinical trial of Israeli-made Covid-19 vaccine

One hundred volunteers are being recruited for the trial, slated to begin in October at Hadassah and Tel Aviv's Sheba Medical Center. Read more

Drug developed by Hadassah doctor helps severely ill Covid-19 patients

Hadassah Hospital successfully treated five seriously-ill COVID-19 patients using an experimental treatment. All five patients tested negative to coronavirus and have now been discharged. Read more