Home to one of the world’s most skilled and educated work forces, Israel has more doctors and scientists per capital than any other nation. This eco-system of scientific excellence and innovation has also seen Israel become a leader in medical investigation. 

A 2019 global study of scientific output places Israel only behind the US in terms of scientific progress – well ahead of Australia in 18th position. This national emphasis on research and development makes Israel a powerful collaborative partner.

Because of its diverse population and small size, Israel also serves as a unique clinic for the testing of disease mutations and genetic disorders – many of which are overrepresented in Israel’s ethnic communities. Access to this relatively large pool of genetic anomalies makes Israel a sought-after collaborator for genetic based disease research thanks to its extensive national biobanks of rare and unique bio samples.

In addition, Israel’s national electronic health record (EHR) system holds medical data for nearly the entire population, allowing for rapid patient recruitment and follow up, in a clinical trial context.