Your gift can futureproof research

Your philanthropic gift can be used to provide seed-funding for translational research and clinical projects for accelerating the discoveries of new cures. Your gift will help to power:

Australia-Israel Breakthrough Fund

The Australia-Israel Medical Breakthrough Fund will help us prioritise strategic and innovative projects peer reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee based on outstanding merit and research quality. See here for more details.

Annual Research Grants and Fellowships

One of our goals is to develop an investment fund to generate income every year, so our scientific advisory committee can review high-level research projects to support. The number of projects to support will change over time depending on the accumulated fund.

Strategic High-Level Research Projects

Our Scientific Advisory Committee invites applications annually for high impact collaborative research projects from which they have shortlisted a number of collaborative medical research projects for funding. These have the potential to create or overturn fundamental paradigms or otherwise have unusually broad impact. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you.

Medical Research Short-Stay Travel Fellowships

Engages leading clinicians and researchers whose professional influence and work are recognised as shaping the direction of medical research in Australia and globally. The travel fellowship recipients will be invited to visit Hadassah to meet their Israeli research counterparts on their way to or from medical conferences in Europe. The intention is to promote innovative medical research collaboration in various areas of complex diseases to benefit multiple countries to develop new, innovative, multi-centre research that will lead to cures.