Our vision

Better and longer lives for people across the world, through treatment and cure of major diseases.

Our mission

To bring together the brightest medical research minds in Australia and at Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) Israel, to deliver breakthrough treatments and cures for many of the major diseases that impact humanity.

Our Purpose

To improve patient outcomes by accelerating the pace of world-class research and the translation of innovative medical breakthroughs into novel therapies that will inform clinical protocols both in Australia and internationally.

We achieve this by facilitating and funding high level multi-disciplinary research between Hadassah Medical Organisation, the largest research hospital in Israel and leading Australian research institutions.

Our Impact
  1. Enable upscale innovative and futuristic research – leveraging philanthropy to engage commercial and government funding;
  2. Foster strategic collegial relationships and advance knowledge through the funding of medical research exchanges;
  3. Be recognised as a leading Australian funder and conduit for high impact, collaborative research;
  4. Bring new perspectives and insights to medical care by engaging with the most innovative research institutes and labs.